Carroll County Animal Hospital

What happens when Bailey swallows Gorilla Glue?

Bailey, a 7 month old male mixed breed canine presented to Carroll County Animal Hospital for having ingested the contents of a bottle of Gorilla Glue one day ago. Since then, Bailey has not had a good appetite and he has been lethargic. Bailey is up to date on vaccinations and is not on heartworm or flea prevention at this time.

Bailey has a normal body condition score indicating that he is not overweight nor underweight. Bailey's body temperature is elevated on exam today. Heart rate and respiratory rate are normal. He is tender when his abdomen is touched.

It was then recommended that Bailey have x-rays of the abdomen performed. X-rays showed a large amount of gas in the stomach with an area of the stomach containing foreign material. No other abnormalities were found.

Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane household glue. It creates a foaming action that fills voids once it is exposed to moisture. It works in 20 minutes to fix many household items. Gorilla glue is very harmful if ingested. It can easily cause gastrointestinal blockage if ingested.

Bailey was stabilized with i.v. fluids, antibiotics, and pain medicine to prepare him for exploratory laparotomy surgery. Bailey was placed under general anesthesia and an incision was made on him ventral abdomen. The stomach was examined and an incision was made in the stomach. Three firm gorilla glue chunks ranging from 2 inch x 2 inch to 4 inches in diameter were found in the stomach and removed. No foreign bodies were found in the intestines or colon.

This is a picture of one of the gorilla glue pieces being removed from the stomach.

These are all of the gorilla glue pieces that were removed from Bailey.

Bailey recovered from surgery without any complications. He was hospitalized for 24 more hours on i.v. fluids and supportive care.

Bailey is now recovering at home. He is eating and drinking well. He is now energetic once again and is back to playing with all his toys....and not the gorilla glue!!

If you think your pet has swallowed something inappropriately please contact us immediately.
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