Carroll County Animal Hospital

Chile's Check up


Chile is a four year old female chinchilla that presented to Carroll County Animal Hospital for tearing from the eyes. Chile has a history of eating and drinking well. She is being fed pellets, hay, and fresh fruits/vegetables daily. She is given a dust bath once a week.

Chile has a normal heart rate and respiration rate. She is bright, alert, and responsive. Her body condition is ideal, not underweight and not overweight. On examination, Chile was found to have clear discharge from the right eye. No discharge was seen from the nose. All lymph nodes were found to be normal in size. Chile would not allow exam of the inside of her mouth.

A thorough eye examination was performed. Vision was found to be normal. No corneal ulcers or scratches on the eyes were noted.

It was then recommended that Chile be placed under anesthesia so that a complete oral examination could be performed. While under anesthesia, it was found that Chile had poor alignment of her teeth (also known as Malocclusion). No other abnormalities were found in her mouth.

Malocclusion is a common chinchilla dental problem. Malocclusion occurs when a chinchilla’s front teeth (incisors) or back teeth (molars) fail to grow in proper alignment. This causes uneven wear of the chinchilla’s teeth.

The roots of the teeth can elongate and irritate the ocular cavity leading to tearing from the eyes.

Treatment of malocclusion includes trimming and filing affected teeth. Chinchilla teeth are extremely delicate and filing must be done while under anesthesia.
Chile's teeth were treated and she recovered from anesthesia without any complications.

How is Chile today? She is doing great and no longer has any discharge from the eyes.

Be sure to have your chinchilla OR rabbit checked at least once a year for dental issues. If you see change in appetite, tearing from the eyes, dropping food from the mouth, weight loss, or swelling at the jaw line please contact us immediately! (770)832- 2475