Carroll County Animal Hospital



Cooper, a very active one year old male intact German Shorthair Pointer presented to Carroll County Animal Hospital for limping on the back right leg. Two days ago Cooper was playing outside when he stumbled and ran into the side of a building at a sprint. From that point he has been extremely painful on his right hindlimb. He is still eating and drinking well and is still eager to play daily. Cooper is up to date on vaccinations and heartworm/tick/flea prevention.

Cooper is bright and alert with a normal body weight, temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. He is nonpainful in all limbs except the right hindlimb. He will not bear weight on this limb. No wounds are found and there is a great deal of swelling of the right hip area.

X-rays were then recommended of the hip and right hindlimb.

Below is a normal canine hip and hindlimbs.

Now please evaluate Cooper's x-rays below.

Note the break from the long bone off of the pelvis on the right side of the picture.

Sweet Cooper has a right simple closed fracture of the femur. No fractures were found in the hip. This type of fracture requires stabilization as the femur is an important weightbearing bone of the hindlimb.

Cooper was then prepared for surgery. An intramedullary pin and cerclage wires were used for reduction of the fracture as shown below.

For the next 6 to 8 weeks Cooper will be confined and restricted from any exercise. He will have his x-rays repeated at that point to evaulate healing of these bones. He is being kept comfortable with pain medication, soft bedding daily, and two to three short walks on a leash per day.

Cooper has been a good boy and has cooperated with all of the doctor's recommendations!