Carroll County Animal Hospital


Baby, an 8 year old female spayed Pekingese presented to Carroll County Animal Hospital for frequent urination. Baby has been uncomfortable for the last 4 days when she urinates. She is still eating and drinking well. She is on heartworm and flea prevention year round.
Baby has a history of cryotherapy (freezing) of several nodules on her back and she has a history of having a struvite bladder stone removed one year ago.
She is not on a special diet at this time.

On examination, Baby is bright and alert. Her body condition score is normal indicating she is not overweight and not underweight. Her body temperature, pulse, and respiration are normal. Baby is painful when her abdomen is examined. There is saliva staining of the haircoat surrounding the vaginal region where she has been licking excessively.
No other abnormalities were found on examination.

X-rays of Baby's abdomen were then performed. Please see the x-rays below. The x-ray is of Baby on her back.

The area between the pelvis contains the urinary bladder with several bladder stones ( the circular area that is white between the hips at the bottom of the xray).

Baby's body has actually created these stones that are found in her bladder! Factors that contribute to the formation of these stones include change in urine pH, urinary tract infections, consumption of dietary protein in excess, amount of urea in urine, and abnormal urinary excretion of minerals.

Baby has a history of struvite uroliths (bladder stones). This type accounts for 40% of stones affecting the canine lower urinary tract.

Baby was stabilized with i.v. fluids and taken to surgery to have the stones removed.

This is a picture of the urinary bladder before it was opened to remove the bladder stones.

This is during the procedure when the stones were being taken out of the urinary bladder.

She had over 100 stones removed from her urinary bladder!
Check out all the different sizes of stones removed!

She recovered from surgery quite well and spent 48 hours in the hospital to be treated with antibiotics and pain medication.

Baby was placed on a special diet called S/O in order to prevent these stones in the future. She loves the diet!

Baby was seen for a recheck one week post op and is doing fantastic!!

If you notice your pet having trouble urinating please let us know immediately. (770) 832-2475