Carroll County Animal Hospital

"DOG DAYS" of Summer!!!


1.Those pesty fleas and ticks are raising havoc already and are eager to make your pet a “flea taxi”! Keep your pet on flea and tick prevention every 30 days

2.Have your dog and cat tested for heartworms and begin monthly protection year round! Heartworms are contracted from mosquitoes and eventually lead to right sided heart failure and death.

3.Pets can get dehydrated easily so keep lots of fresh and clean water available everyday.

4.Avoid excessive exercise.

5.On extremely hot days, please bring your beloved dog or cat indoors!

6.Make sure there are plenty of available shady areas or a covered shelter to get them out of the scorching sun or rain.

7. Brachycephalic, or the flat faced breeds, should have their outdoor time limited during the hot months because they have an extremely hard time recovering from the heat. This is also true for your pets that have a heart condition, are elderly, or are extremely overweight.

8.Keep your pets away from your household cleaning supplies, insecticides, and gardening chemicals as these are poisonous to our four-legged friends.

9.Planning on taking your pet to a cook out or gathering? Remember that even one human snack or change in diet can cause g.i. upset including diarrhea and vomiting!

10.Give your long coated dog or cat a “summer do”. Have our groomer, Trish, clip down that long hair to a comfortable length!

11.Remember that thunderstorms are very common in the warmer months and some dogs and cats have a fear of these storms just like people. Bring them indoors to a lower level of your home. If your pet has a storm phobia please let us know!