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Breeding & Reproductive Services

At Carroll County Animal Hospital, we offer breeding consultations and services including reproductive planning, health checks for parents, and scheduled C-sections. 

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Breeding Your Animal

Our team of veterinary professionals understands the commitment and financial investment that goes into breeding purebred dogs.

We offer services that ensure the best quality of puppies available to the public.  

Healthy puppies come from healthy parents so we offer OFA radiographs to ensure that pets have great genes to pass along, and scheduled C-sections for high-risk breeds to mitigate the dangers of emergency C-sections along with many other breeding services.

We are committed to ensuring that you and your animals have a stress-free experience as you move through the breeding process.

Breeding consultations and services for cats & dogs, Carrollton Vet

Breeding Services at Our Carrollton Clinic

At  in Carrollton we offer the reproductive services you need to produce and maintain the healthiest breeding litter possible including:

  • Semen collection, evaluation
  • Estrus induction and suppression in females
  • Ovulation timing
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and management
  • C-sections

Surgical Artificial Insemination

Surgical Artificial Insemination (SAI) is performed under general anesthetic and takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete.

Surgical insemination is the best option for females with long-standing fertility problems as well as in cases where semen quality is impaired.

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